Erika Yeomans!

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Dear Listeners, 

I am MORTIFIED to confess that this podcast was recorded many months ago, yet due to MA LIFE getting in the way of MA LIFE, I am only now able to get it up and into your ears! Sawey!!!! It sucks to suck.

The marvelous and wonderful Erika Yeomans is my guest this episode. The ep opens with me singing (ok, ok-- but there's a reason) A Dream Is a Wish, with Scott Leuthold on guitar. This song was recorded for the Forgery-- an amazing play turned film that was written and directed by Erika. It is only one of a long line of fantastic projects Erika has written, directed and produced. I have been lucky enough to get to participate as a singer and ehhh-- kind of an actor-- on a handful of these cool productions. I'm taking Erika through her history in more of a linear fashion than I normally do for this chaotic, hobo-show, because I want everyone to get a sense of how rich and diverse her body of work is, and how it came to be. When I was first living in NYC, I really had lost faith in live performance, and Erika blew into town with her theater company and knocked my socks off. Still to this day, she continues to surprise and amaze me, and when I am lucky enough to work with her, it's always on something super cool that challenges me and makes me look smarter than I am. Cause you all know I just like to put on a look and belt a song and maybe tell a joke or two! This chick is legit-- and you're gonna get a fascinating retrospective on NYC in the mid 90's and all the interesting art and performance that was happening around that time right up to the present day. 

So check this out: to see it is what we are talking about.

Thanks, as usual to Nick Demopoulos for running the dials and mixing it up!!
The last song is from Erika's film ENTR'ACTE, and the song is called Vertigo.

Ok, no more writing, let's start gabbing!! Please pass along the link, and if you are so inclined, subscribe!

With love from the EV, 


Nathan Turbow and Zach Lipez!

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Okay, so I've been a little preoccupied with LIFE, and I'm cap locking that so I don't have to get into the details. Dear listener-- you don't want to know. What you DO want to know is all about Zach and Nathan. These guys came to my kitchen way back before my life needed a cap lock, and I'm officially apologizing for not getting my shit together and getting this podcast up and out when it was fresh from the oven. Everything you need to know is in the cast. So pop on the cans and get your drums banged by these two fellas-- oh yeah, and me. 

Since you're already on your computer, why don't you skate that mouse on over to these
to find out more about the wonderful work that Zach is doing.

And while you're at it, why not click it up over here: and get some funny shit up in your face.
And if you are Instagramming-- (if you're not you're Instalame-ing) this is Nate on Instagram @nateturbow. 

Big thank you to Azar Swan for the intro/outro music: 
Featuring "In My Mouth" and "Over"
And you can get more of this at:

Thanks for listening and please, subscribe, or cut and paste and send to a pal, and keep listening. Leave a comment if you feel inspired! Or irritated. . .

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Jody and Jerry, together at last!

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Hello Dear Listeners,

I'll make this quick-- hey, WHAT? Yeah, I know. Unlike me. Don't you wish that was the name of the podcast? It's NOT. It's called, I'm Just Sayin' and with that comes a big, fat caveat (another good name for a podcast)--- I do not, nor will I ever, "know" what I'm talking about. But these boys do. Guests this round:

One of my BFFs, an amazing talent and hilarious repeat guest (soon to be in high rotation if I can book him), Mr. Jeremiah Clancy: actor, photographer, producer, father, husband (to the lovely Heather Greene) and former Fried Chicken King of the LES (of Mama's fame, RIP) is here in the kitchen. Along with. . .

Jody Lambert, "retired" actor, writer, producer and man about town both east and west and perhaps a little in the middle-- do they have towns there? These fine gents will tell tales of the movie/doc they collabed on called Of All the Things (info below) which was based on Jody's dad, the amazing song writer and producer Dennis Lambert (a promised IJS guest for the future--OMG!)-- but wait-- I don't want to pull focus, so google that shit and let me just finish this up so you can LISTEN to the hilarity that ensued. . . .

We also wax about the EV, MTV, big breaks, breakdowns, yeah, yeah, you'll hear.

Cuss counter: not too bad this time, although I do say "douche" a lot. Sawey. Also, be prepared for me interrupting and doing my usual two-step on the guests. Sigh. Is there a 12 step program for chattiness? In any case, enjoy, subscribe, and command C command V this shit and tell your friends. . . .OK?

Thanks to Nick "the Dead Zone" Demop for riding the dials and doing some EDITING to get these great tunes in here. Nick Knows!

Love from the EV,


LINKS! Or rather, info in gen:

Jody co-wrote and co-produced a really good film that I highly recco: People Like Us-- it's currently available on Showtime,  Itunes and Netflix. It's got for real movie stars and kid actors and EVERYTHING! Check it!

Follow Jody and his dad on Twiiter:

Jody @jodylambert

Dennis @lambertsongs

And the doc about Jody's dad: Of All The Things can be saved to your Netflix queue. Coming SOON!

And lastly, Jeremiah is great. DOT COM.

Song Credits: (don't sue me, Dennis!)

Nightshift, performed by The Commodores, written by Dennis Lambert, Walter Orange and Franne Golde

Baby Come Back, performed by Player, written by Peter Beckett and J.C. Crowley. Produced by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter.

Of All the Things, performed by  Dusty Springfield, written by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter

Lousy with Leo and Foss

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Dear Listeners,

Just because you have a table mic doesn't mean you're a pro. But pretending is fun, so that's what we are doing here at I'm Just Sayin.' We finally got four on the floor-- or rather, on the kitchen table top, and it felt pretty f-ing good. Many times during the show I wonder why the guest is not speaking and then I'm like OH-- cause I AM. So I made a sign that says "shut-up Lizzy" and I posted it in my brain. I just need to read it the next time. . . .but the new mic stands DO help.

We got Leo Fitzpatrick and Erick Foss (and Lucy, the new pup!) here on the show today and it was a super blast for me. Leo is an actor, gallerist, artist, and a bit of a li'l stinker. Erik Foss is an artist, and owner of the infamous Lit Bar and Fuse Gallery. They are BUSY. These guys are some good guys, which is what I've been known to slur repeatedly when we all hang at Lit. Ooof, messy lady. BUT! It's the truth and not just boozy babble. It was a perfect match for the show since these dudes have a lot in common as you will hear, and also have some super entertaining (and INTENSE!!) stories to tell. I adore them, and so will you, if you don't already. And if you don't go to hell! So please listen, comment, subscribe, and tell EVERYONE. Fun fact: this is Leo's first podcast. I popped his podcast cherry! So I guess you're not the only virgin surgeon, eh, Leo? Yeah, she said it. And if you don't know, now you know. JOKES!


Erik Foss and his jam is. . .

Http:// Http://

These are the ones L'il Stinker Fitzpatrick sent me when I asked. . . .
and his youtube "pick of the week" from a few weeks ago:
Thanks to Nick "The Dead Zone" D-Mop for riding the dials and keeping it cool . . . .
Ok, that's all. . .
Love from the EV,

Midnight Magic!!! You Heard Me!

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Dearest Listeners,

The Entertainment Delivery System that brings you the I'm Just Sayin' podcast, produced by I Don't Think So Incorporated, would like to formally apologize to my guests, those creative dynamos, Tiffany Roth and William Andrew Raposo. . .

Crimes Against My Guests and thereby YOU the listener:

1) I did not say this name enough. Midnight Magic. Midnight Magic. Midnight Magic. Now I need to burn some sage, offer up my coveted 45 of Sylvester to the Platform Gods and be sent to a Disco Inferno as punishment. I have been banned from dance floors across America! And France!

2) I talked way too much about my own jam. SO gross, but not Terry Gross. Hey, maybe that should be a segment? Gross or Terry Gross? Trademark! Circle C!

3) I chattered too much over the lovely and hilarious Tiffany, and man-handled the delightfully rambunctious and generous Billy Raposo. Having a zipper installed on my face today. I am an IMmature, AND an AMateur, pronounced AMA-TOUR, a la Roth.

4) Not enough Dead Zone. In fact, I'm having T-shirts made up that have MORE COW BELL crossed out, and then written in is MORE DEAD ZONE. On the back, it will simply say, "Nick Knows."

Here's the positive TO-GO bag from this podcast: These kids are freaking delightful~ full of hilarious stories and bubbling with charm. I had the great privilege and pleasure to sing with Miss Roth for the last six shows of the LCD Soundsystem  Long Goodbye tour, including one epic performance at Madison Square Garden. Not only does she have a voice made out of milk and honey with a pinch of smokey cinnamon, she is as huggable as they come. And a PRO, yo! Mister Raposo is also a force to be reckoned with-- a multi-talented impresario that  is not only an accomplished and prolific musician, but who has produced, played-in or created, oh, I don't know, about a billion bands. Mister Raposo Knows So! Oh, and I am officially THANKING you for being here. I will have you on again, and I will let the both of get a word in edgewise and otherwise.

Did you like that song at the beginning and the end of the cast? Then "Work It Out" and GO HERE: and buy it!

Midnight Magic is:

Today's guests: Tiffany Roth on Vocals, Andrew Raposo on Bass
and. . .
Andrew Frawley on Percussion
Caito Sanchez on Percussion
Carter Yasutake on Trumpet
Jason Disu on Trombone
Max Goldman on Drums
Morgan Wiley on Keyboard
Nick Roseboro on Trumpet

Thanks to my guests, to Nick, and thanks to you for listening, and as Snoop Dog once said, "Don't be greedy! Pass it,  pass it!" Maybe your friends want to take a hit off of this?

Please subscribe, comment, and write to me and let me know what you think. . . . and above all please listen again.

Yours defending conversations,


Kinda Like Alex Eiserloh

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Oh, hello! Don't be afraid-- I'm not going to make you read that much this time. But DO snap those cans on, pop those buds in, or snuggle up to your favorite woofer and tweeter. . . it's easy listening time! This episode of I'm Just Sayin' features one of ma besties, Alex Eiserloh! Long time friend, collaborator, and up until recently, roommate. Pause for gentle weeping. . .

Alex E has just launched his amazing new site PLEASE click it! In honor of the birth of such an ah-mah-zine accomplishment, I wanted to sit down with the creator and find out all about it. It's a new year, and I too, am doing a bit of a launch-- or RE-launch of sorts. It's kind of a "oh, I forgot to tell people that I have a podcast" launch. My PR skills have never been that slick, and the Face Place, well, it's a crowded mall and no one can SEE anything. And I basically  think that EMAIL is the new Face Book.  So, perhaps you received a link to this site in your ole' email "in" box, and have clicked your way over to check it out. If you have, thank you! And if you like it (or hate it!!) send it to your friends and show some love (or hate!!!).

In any case, enjoy, and let me know what you think!!

Thanks as always to Nick "the Dead Zone" Demopolous for riding the dials and REALLY gettin' all Saskwatchy during this ep. Oh, and apologies if anyone is offended by the expression sitting "Indian style." Can we say that? I'm not really sure! I know the other alternative is "criss-cross-applesauce" but jesus christ, I'm a grown-ass woman. Aint saying that.

Okay, that's enough.



OH! WAIT! you NEED to see a picture of the little Ikea monkey we talk about in the show, so click all that shit below. I love him! Oh no! (uh, YEAH, he has a Twitter account!)

Monkey Business:

Reflections of Gavin Russom. Ark or Arc?

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The day of this recording, right before we started, my mother called and told me my father had fainted and was in the hospital. That was two months ago, and on Tuesday, September 18th, he passed away from Everykinda Cancer. In three years, a brother, a father. Too much loss. Sad times.

My father could make friends wherever he went-- he had this infectious wit and charm that made people go bananas. It is from him that I get my insatiable curiosity about people. He loved to get people to tell them their life story. As a result, he collected "disciples" wherever he went. The woman who runs the gas station in my parent's small Georgia mountain town asked my mother is she could have some of my dad's ashes. They loved his ass(hes?) down there! So, thanks, Dad, and I know you never listened to this show, and you probably would have thought it was "one of those weirdo beatnick things" (YES-- one of his favorite words for hipsters), but that's cool. Love you anyhoo, you're it! I dedicate this podcast to you, Andy Yoder.  SO. . . sorry for the delay, but death, hurricanes, and laziness-- possibly the most dangerous natural disaster to hit my life--have kept this nugget in the cave. Without further ado. . . . . I give you. . . .Gavin Russom, the ark in a storm, the rainbow in the cloud. . . .

Gavin Russom is a human rainbow. Like a rainbow, he can appear in many different places when the droplets and the sunshine align. No matter what he produces, you must look up to see it. And not unlike a rainbow, you are always stoked that you are experiencing it, holler to others to come see, and marvel at it's mesmerizing beauty. It is no wonder that this fine gentleman fancies an all white ensemble to make his way in this dark world. He is ready for reflections and vibrations. A creator and curator of the fine arts, Gavin's list of done, did and doing is long and impressive. He and I have worked on many projects together, the first of which was The Sweet Thunder, a performance show band, back when we knew a full-length, homemade felt caftans in red white and blue would be a show-stopper. Through the years we have worked on many projects together, notably getting to perform together at Madison Square Garden with LCD Soundsystem, of which he was a member in their final chapter. But that's barely a tip of the iceberg. I really didn't know a whole lot about his background, as our time has been spent with the focus on producing music. So I wanted to check him out, like a library book! and see what was inside. I love to hear how people grow up, how they come to their life's purpose, how they make work, and especially in this particular world, where there are no clear paths to the artistic Oz.

Check out Gavin's stuff below, and be sure to check out The Crystal Ark, his collaboration with the wildly talented Viva Ruiz. Color FULL!

(music that opens and closes the ep is by The Crystal Ark, from their new thang-- the song is called We Came To--it's OUT NOW! Check it out! Like a library book! Only buy it instead, so maybe like a book at an independent bookstore. . ooof-- you know what I mean!)


Thanks for listening everyone, and please subscribe!

Love from the EV,



Ring, ring!! Who is it? Jeffrey Joe Jensen, dummy!

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Hello, dear listeners. On this episode of I'm Just Sayin', The Yoder Entertainment Delivery System that you know and love is bringing you the amazing Jeffrey Joe Jensen. JJJ is one of my most favo-rit creative minds on the Planet Earth. Musician, writer, improvisational mastermind, vocal chameleon, puppeteer, entrepreneur, prankster and now actor-- Jeffrey is the definition of Full Tilt Boogie. He follows the natural groove of his muse and leaves the categories and labels on the roadside with the beer cans and the broken dreams of frustrated artists. I am partial to JJJ's pranks, as you will hear in this ep, and Dead Zone and I actually EDITED some snippets in so you know what the EFF we are talkin' bout in the conversation. There are also a few at the end of the show-- so keep this doobie blazed till the end so you get super high on FUN! Be sure to give Zoney D and I some slack on the edits-- I like a free-form flowing converjam, but this really did call for some gonzo jimmy jacking. Thanks, Nick!

This episode opens with a song by The Special Moments, from a rock operetta entitled Eric: The Falkland Follies. This catchy little ditty comes from the super brain of Jeffrey Jensen and  Ian Marshall, long time collaborators and rogues. Here's a link to the wfmu site that features the entire Eric thing:

You can see Jeffrey in the new feature film "The Comedy" and you can find all that info here:

It was super terrific having Jeff Jensen come and chat it up with me, and I hope you guys love the pranks as much as I do. I plan on having him on again, as there is much more I'd love to know, and well, you know how I like to ba-reak it down. And if there's a cocktail a recording device and a friend to do it with, then better yet!!

Thanks for listening, and please, for fuck's sake, subscribe already and tell your bored friend so they can have me eat away at their inner ear instead of that silly NPR or death metal or whatever the fug they fill their heads with on the reg. Got it? Good. I'm Just  Sayin'!

Love from the EV,


Reading is Fun and Mental! Christopher Zara’s Tortured Artists with Xtina D’Angelo!

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AUDIO NOTE: This episode has a few sound issues (don't blame it on Dead Zone, blame it on me and wanting to use the "comfy" mic). I recommend that you listen through speakers versus headphones, but try 'em both and see which one serves your drums better. We're going to be updating our mic line-up soon, so don't hate. Celebrate! It's another episode of I'm Just Sayin' for god damn its sake! So without further ado. . . . .

Christopher Zara has written an insightful and extremely entertaining book called Tortured Artists: From Picasso and Monroe to Warhol and Winehouse, the Twisted Secrets of the World's Most Creative Minds. No, I'm not in there. I'm all torture and no art, as you know, if you subject yourself to these podcasts. I became aware of the lovely Mr. Zara through the local Bitch n' Brag (Face Place) which I visit inconsistently, but always make time for when I see a post from the infamous Xtina D'Angelo. Funny, acerbic, bombastic and outrageous, she is my favorite show in that waste land of "hey I saw a bird!", "hey, politics!", "hey look, I have children!" While catching up on her bon mots, I noticed a certain gentleman making a cameo from time to time. Their romance bloomed via their posts on the FB, and I was touched and inspired. Through these posts I learned about Christopher and his book Tortured Artists. I'd been wanting (and trying!) to get Xtina's ass on my couch for a good giggle-in and growl-out, so when she suggested that she come on with her beau and they discuss the book, I thought it would be a great opportunity to class this joint up a bit with some lit-tra-chure via the talented Mr. Zara  and at the same time spice it up with what I knew would be a belly grabbing, laugh-olympics with Ms. XDA. I was not disappointed. And neither will you be.


Please don't let my repeating the word "articulate" over and over annoy you away from listening to the WHOLE cast-- it's FUN. (ironically enough I couldn't seem to come up with a better word, but I meant it every time)

Please don't hate me for not having an intravenous drip of rosé for everyone in the room so that we could talk FOREVER-- I would have! D'Angelo & Zara will be on again so we can talk about their NEW joint creative venture, Glittersnipe which you can find here:

Regretfully, I bought my book on Amazon (shut UP, I'm lazy, and a shut-in, okay? ) But you can find your book here

And NOT regretfully, I'll add this: because I know how to use a computer, and so do you. So click it, dummy!

Thanks to Nick "Dead Zone" Demop for riding the levels and being All Nick & Knowing. Thanks for listening, and please subscribe or cut and paste the url and send it to someone feel strongly about with, like, your heart or your brain or whatevz.

Song credit: The intro/outro song is "Hell Children" by none other than C. Zara himself, from when he was in the punk band Prisoners of War! He ain't no Disco Duck! Evidence: It's an award winning documentary, y'all! Look at it!

Okay, that'll do. Until next time. . .


I’m Just Sayin’: Hair Dos, Dad Don’ts and the Reality Of TV Shame

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Hello Lovely Listeners! This week's mod pod features friends and neighbors, haircuts and cutting commentary, shame and television. Just a regular Friday night at the glamorous East Village IJS Studios! There are two sections to the show, it's long, yes, but still fun and a rambling good stream of unconsciousness! The first half features my good friend and neighbor Stan Brooks, who stops by to get the growls out and talk about all the shitty teevee we both love to hate (and hate to love). I never thought Stan would take to the mic with such a natural flair, but he grabbed it and ran, just like a guest co-ho should! N'OKAY? Yeah, we say that a lot on this ep, because I'm hanging with some of the original flavor-makers of some of my favorite catch me if you can phrases. Michael Hermiston and Gino Gianneschi (hope I spelled your names right, girls, I'm a lazy slag and aint got no fact checka in the house) do a drive-by-and-b-shy appearance, which frankly was SHOCKING to me, considering how these gals like to chat the fat of the bone on the reg. But I get it-- Stan and I were at the helm and there was no room for too shy shy hush hush eye to eye-- this is FAKE RADIO, Y'ALL! And in their defense, I don't have enough mics--- working on it! SO, dear listeners, be aware that there are open spaces in the audio, and mics are being passed like doobies at a greatful dead concert (gross! hippies are just herpes with the "er" taken out). We do our best here, and that's only due to Nick the Dead Zone Demop, riding levels and keeping it Nick at Night with my fav reg seg-- NICK KNOWS. WHICH by the way, was grossly missed during the last installment of I'm Just Sayin'. You get a good toke in this ep. The second half features my good friend and stylist, Michael Moreno, who while we were yapping in number 10, he was cutting in number 11. He comes over to mow my mop o' locks and tell it like IT IS. Michael is wildly talented and supremely stylish and he's got his eye on you, Straight Dads of BK! He breaks it down for us, and let's us in on the boy trends of the barber shoppe (note the old timey spellin') set. Now listen, Brooklyn Papas-- it's a little intense, but we all love you here at IJS. But if you're paying too much for a boot and your jeans are a baggin, be aware that there are gays with scissors and they might come at you and do an ambush make-over on Smith Street. Take it like a man, and be sure to hide your babies. I personally love an urban lumberjack, but boys, let's try and keep it tight and right, shall we? Come on now. This isn't the burbs. Thanks to all my pals for making it a fun night, and thanks for listening. I would encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast, and that way, it will be served to you as I post them, which, by the way, will be much more on the reg from here on out. Feel free to comment, and tell your friends! Love from the EV, Lizzyxo~

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