Erika Yeomans!

Posted in DefaultTag by lizzyyoder on May 18th, 2014

Dear Listeners, 

I am MORTIFIED to confess that this podcast was recorded many months ago, yet due to MA LIFE getting in the way of MA LIFE, I am only now able to get it up and into your ears! Sawey!!!! It sucks to suck.

The marvelous and wonderful Erika Yeomans is my guest this episode. The ep opens with me singing (ok, ok-- but there's a reason) A Dream Is a Wish, with Scott Leuthold on guitar. This song was recorded for the Forgery-- an amazing play turned film that was written and directed by Erika. It is only one of a long line of fantastic projects Erika has written, directed and produced. I have been lucky enough to get to participate as a singer and ehhh-- kind of an actor-- on a handful of these cool productions. I'm taking Erika through her history in more of a linear fashion than I normally do for this chaotic, hobo-show, because I want everyone to get a sense of how rich and diverse her body of work is, and how it came to be. When I was first living in NYC, I really had lost faith in live performance, and Erika blew into town with her theater company and knocked my socks off. Still to this day, she continues to surprise and amaze me, and when I am lucky enough to work with her, it's always on something super cool that challenges me and makes me look smarter than I am. Cause you all know I just like to put on a look and belt a song and maybe tell a joke or two! This chick is legit-- and you're gonna get a fascinating retrospective on NYC in the mid 90's and all the interesting art and performance that was happening around that time right up to the present day. 

So check this out: to see it is what we are talking about.

Thanks, as usual to Nick Demopoulos for running the dials and mixing it up!!
The last song is from Erika's film ENTR'ACTE, and the song is called Vertigo.

Ok, no more writing, let's start gabbing!! Please pass along the link, and if you are so inclined, subscribe!

With love from the EV,